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John Silvers blends speaking, storytelling, acting, and live original music to deliver his one-of-a-kind “Keynote Performances”. He has spoken on 120+ stages to over 73,000 people at schools, conferences, and seminars throughout the USA and Europe and has been featured on ABC’s The View and on RadioMuch more than the ordinary Motivational Speaker: with his captivating stage presence, uplifting original songs, soothing voice, rich stories, and 1st-rate acting skills, John is sure to be remembered as the most moving, entertaining, and transformational part of your event.

John’s Keynote Performances are NOT boring PowerPoint presentations. As a two-time winner of the prestigious Ira Aldridge Acting Competition and first place winner of the 1st Bar Songwriting Competition, he brings together his high-level speaking skills with his artistic talents to immerse his audiences in an unforgettable

Interactive Edutainment Experience!

 John raises the moral bar and gives inspiration for coming together as one.


   - Vicky Perez
Event Coordinator, Manzanar Committee

Whether being featured on a popular television show, addressing students in the NYC Public Schools, presenting at top private colleges, like the University of Delaware, or speaking at major conferences, such as GreenFest at the L.os Angeles  Convention Center, John’s audiences feel extremely inspired and empowered, both during the events and for years to come!

He has shared stages with best-selling authors and premier speakers, such as 

Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith, Marianne Williamson, Lisa Nichols, and more. He has always been a guiding light of hope and a powerful voice for positive change.

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John has always been an active community leader. His communication skills and leadership qualities were passed down to him by his parents, Arthur and Trudi Silvers, an interracial couple, who were Civil Rights activists in the 1960s. His father, Arthur, worked closely with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in the fight for equality and social justice.

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Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. & Arthur H. Silvers

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