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“John Silvers has presented at more than 10 of my retreats over the past several years. Not only is he a highly skilled speaker, who connects deeply with his audiences, but he is also a top-notch actor and singer/songwriter!  Whether he is blowing us all away with a soliloquy from Shakespeare, making us laugh or cry with one of his epic songs, or activating new ways of thinking and acting through his heartfelt wisdom, John always creates fans for life from his audiences. John transforms lives, and inspires individuals to achieve through his own virtuoso levels of achievement.”

Having John as a keynote speaker (even over Zoom) can bring your team together, by showing one another a side that is rarely seen. This can build teamwork in ways that are measurable in productivity. John's presentations create rich memories that stay with participants for years to come. I look forward to having him at my future events!

Natalie Pace | Bestselling Author of The ABCs of Money and co-creator of the Earth Gratitude Project


So much talent! John should be featured at every social justice event. He raises the moral bar and gives inspiration for coming together as one. It was WONDERFUL to hear him speak!” 

Vicky Perez | Event Coordinator, Manzanar Committee


"John has presented at several of my past events. He is not only a highly skilled speaker who connects deeply with his audiences, he is also a top-notch musician and songwriter!”

He inspires me, and all of those lucky enough to be in his presence. I look forward to having John back for more events in the near future!"

Jeff Harris | Co-Founder and Co-CEO,  Plant Power Fast Food


"I have seen John in action multiple times and he is a PHENOMENAL SPEAKER!  

His combination of songwriting, singing, and acting lends a kind of velvet power to his timely messages. What’s more, you don’t realize how fast the clock moves when he is speaking. What seemed like five minutes was actually an hour. He is a modern-day Woody Guthrie who can bring a three-dimensional focus to his presentation!"

Andy Nasatir | Assistant Director, El Camino College Bookstore


“John inspires me, and all those lucky enough to be in his presence. His heart-based passion, energy and talent are contagious! He has presented at many of my events to captivated audiences.”

Natalie Ford | Creative Director, Natalie Ford Studio


"The discussion about diversity is extremely important considering the division and racial unrest that exist in our country at this time. The time is right for speaking out on diversity and racial equality and his Zoom talk was exactly on point!"

Grace DeLa Cruz | Professional Opera Singer, Metropolitan Opera - New York

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