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John Silvers - Holy Ghosts - Monologue
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Whether you were captivated by one of John's acting performances brought to laughter or tears by one of his original songs, heard him perform on local radio, saw him on ABC’s The View or just learned of him for the first time, we are happy you’re here!  We invite you to connect with John, his fans and his friends, via his community and exclusive interactive membership.

What is it about John that makes him so different from other performers? The answer is, that he combines his acting and music together along with motivational speaking and inspiring personal stories to deliver his one-of-a-kind, Keynote Performances! 

John’s acting can make you smile from ear to ear, or touch your soul and bring tears to your eyes. His original songs can be fun and entertaining sing-alongs that make you want to get up and dance or deeply moving love ballads that, once again, speak to your very soul. Either way, John will inspire you and move you on a soul-ular level!  

Whoever said that you can pick your friends but not your family was wrong.                               


Come join John’s Circle of Friends, and share in the positive vibration of love and oneness!

John Acting with girls and Santa Monica
If you love artistic performances that inspire and uplift you with positive messages that relate deeply to your life, you must know about John Silvers. Whether as an actor or singer/songwriter, John has the unique ability to connect with people on a soul-ular level and meet them in the place of our shared humanity.
Equally comfortable in the genres of comedy, drama, and musical theater, John is a true chameleon, and though he is a classically trained Shakespearean actor, he is also right at home in contemporary roles, and improvisational theater. As a singer/songwriter, he has been compared to such all-time greats as James Taylor, Cat Stevens, Jim Croce, and Bob Dylan, as well as more recent artists like Amos Lee and Ben Harper. He is the first-place winner of both the Ira Aldridge Acting Competition and of the 1st Bar Songwriting Competition in Los Angeles and has performed live on sold-out stages throughout the United States and Europe; including performing his award-winning song, Black/White & Red/White & Blue (about being an American of mixed racial heritage) live on ABC’s The View.  John brings his magnetic stage presence, top-notch acting skills, smooth velvety voice, beautiful melodies, inspiring lyrics and most of all, his full heart to every performance. Fans of all ages are captivated by his honesty, his artistry, and his joyous spirit!
John with Sweater, Guitar and Bracelet.j
In the theater world, when someone is referred to as a “Triple Threat,” that person is equally skilled at acting, singing, and dancing. While he is a great natural dancer, John is a “Triple Threat” of a different kind. He is an actor, singer, and an amazing Motivational Speaker!  With his charismatic stage presence and his acoustic guitar in hand, John successfully blends speaking, storytelling, acting, and live original music to create his unforgettable Keynote Performances. He has performed and spoken on over 120+ stages around the world, to over 73,000 people, at schools, workshops, seminars, conferences, and theatrical events. He is also an award-winning writer for the theater and has shared stages with such best-selling authors as Michael Bernard Beckwith, Marianne Williamson, Lisa Nichols, and Natalie Pace, to name a few.
At the young age of 7, John heard Elvis Presley singing Hound Dog over a little portable record player in his backyard. He immediately knew that he was born to be on stage and, one year later, John made his first network television appearance on a nighttime special starring the famous dancer, Gene Kelly. Coming from a musical family (his relatives being members of the popular 1970s R&B group, The Sylvers) John has carved out his own place in the world of music, having performed with such iconic Grammy award-winning musicians as Stevie Wonder, Earth Wind and Fire, and Arnae Batson of the aCapella group, Sweet Honey and the Rock. He has been a featured soloist with the world-famous Agape International Choir and has worked with Grammy-nominated songwriter Harriet Schock and Hall of Fame Motown Songwriter, William (Mickey) Stevenson.
John at 16 - Promo shot for The What Pla
As an actor, John has shared the stage with such notable performers as, Morris Chestnut, Ted Lange, Tony Nominee, Carl Anderson, Emmy Winners, Howard Hesseman, and Roscoe Lee Brown, and Oscar Nominee, Beah Richards!  In 1995 he was part of a special troupe of actors hired by the German government to travel to Germany and perform Bertolt Brecht’s play, Mother Courage, as a gesture of solidarity in commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the end of WW2.
Highly inspired by his father, Arthur Silvers, who was a civil rights leader in the 1960s and worked directly with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and by his mother, Trudi Silvers, who was also a fighter for social justice, John has dedicated his life to being a beneficial presence on the planet and to using his many talents of speaking, acting, and music, to be a beneficial presence on the planet and to help create a world where everybody wins!  
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