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Below is a partial list of companies, schools, and associations that have booked John for their events:
  • ABC Studios - New York (The View)
  • University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) 
  • University of Delaware  
  • Los Angeles Community College District (Or LACC) 
  • The City School (Los Angeles)
  • The Village School (Los Angeles) 
  • All Souls School (Los Angeles)
  • New York City Public School System
  • New York City Department of Health
  • New York City Department of Corrections
  • Cultural Affairs Department of Germany
  • Agape International Spiritual Center
    (shared the stage with Lisa Nichols)
  • Revelation Conference
    (shared the stage with Michael Bernard Beckwith) 
  • Natalie Pace Financial Empowerment Retreats
    (10+ appearances) 
  • Artist’s Salon at the MLK Jr. Auditorium
    (Santa Monica Public Library)
  • Chad E. Cooper Foundation
    (The Goodness Tour) 
  • Center for Spiritual Living Granada Hill
    (10+ appearances) 
  • Huntington Beach Center for Spiritual Living
  • Northridge Church of Religious Science
  • Founder’s Church of Religious Science
  • One Love Spiritual Center
  • Inner City Cultural Center
  • Irondale Ensemble Project
  • Spirit Awakening Foundation
  • GreenFest (Los Angeles)
  • Texas Shakespeare Festival
  • Baltimore Shakespeare Festival
  • London Shakespeare Museum
  • Olney Theater Center (MD) 
  • RCA (Annual Convention)
  • UA Retreat 
  • 1440 Multiversity (Grand Opening)
  • Freedom Light Prison Ministry
  • Harmony at Home Project
  • The Love Foundation
  • Dee Lightful Productions
  • Culver City Affair of the Arts
Cropped Image - John Silvers with Band a
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